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Who are we?


For those that don’t know me i am a 25yo male born in Zimbabwe, before moving to Australia at the age of 13. I finished my studies at the University of Queensland and graduated with a dual Bachelor in Commerce and Business Management. After nearly three years working in the financial services industry, saving my cash, I have made the bold decision to leave it all and travel the world! My amazing girlfriend Danielle will be joining me for the ride, however she will introduce herself later as my words will never do her justice!

What is BWT?

We have many visions for this website and the name has been chosen with this in mind. Initially it will serve as a place to share our thoughts and experiences (mainly for the benefit of our family and friends) however it will evolve into a powerful budgeting tool for backpackers over time. I’m a great believer in speaking with your actions rather than words so i won’t go into too much detail, you will have to monitor the site!

10290641_10154043896990284_8716155900982276_n            What is to come?

Starting in May 2015 Jason will travel through Central America for two months, before joining Danielle in Cyprus and on through Europe. A few months in Africa is also on the cards, with the intention to settle and work in London.

Join us!

Please create an account and tell us what you think! We welcome all comments and feedback. I will be accumulating articles in the ‘BWT Thoughts’ section, so if you have any great ideas – please let me know! 🙂

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