Bodrum, Turkey

Our stay in Bodrum was short, but very sweet! Notorious for being a holiday destination for the rich and famous of Turkey, we checked ourselves into the only hostel in the area, Bodrum Backpackers. The hostel had its own resident DJ, and we were all greeted by ‘Huni’ the beer bong upon arrival! The resident alcoholic whom we referred to as Nitro (for any of you that used to watch ‘The Shack’ in Australia, the guy with dreadies) made it his mission to get us to drink with him. He claimed that there were a pair of female Saudi’s that would have shown us up from the night before! He would just breeze in and out, and scream “WHO WANNA MAKE A PARTYY?!” Another thing of note about Nitro – much like the adopted hostel labrador, he would often leave and return just moments later completely saturated in water. Go figure?

That evening we all went to a beautiful bar right on the water’s edge called Cafe Del Mar. Drinks were expensive, but it was an awesome scene to kick back and take in the boats and lights accross the bay.

The next day was hot, and we were eager to find the perfect beach to spend our day at. After a hot tip from a staff member at our backpackers, we set off to a bay on the other side of Bodrum city. When we arrived we soon realised that this bay was exclusively limited to guests of a massive five star hotel! Of course my law abiding instincts suggested that we find somewhere else, but before I knew it everyone was preening themselves under the VIP umbrellas like they owned the place!

Our luck didn’t stop there of course. Luke and I thought it would be a great idea to buy some mojito’s from the beach bar… oh wait.. they are free??? With two in each hand, I joked that I was shouting the first round – much to everyone’s delight! I really love the next photo – if you were an alien observing the inhabitants of earth, this would be very typical behaviour of the Mark Gibbons species!

We had a good thing going, and then came Farat – who was in charge of looking after the guests for drinks towels, or anything else they may need. I made a run for it and stealthily slipped off the deck into the water – every man for himself! Dan wasn’t going to let a good thing go though, and instead inquired as to whether there was any alcohol in the weak tasting mojito’s? Farat couldn’t have been more apologetic, and scurried away returning with half a dozen more alcoholic mojito’s this time! 

He was really friendly but we deflected his questions like “when did you guys arrive?” as though we were seasoned professionals. He was fascinated by Australians, and shared with us some hilarious impersonations. Probably the most valuable advice we received was also on this day by our friend Farat. He taught us that in life “you no wanna make the regrats!” We thanked him for his wise words, and promised that we would do our best.



The heat died off us for a while, as we just enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. We played some catch with a tennis ball Dan kindly bought for me…… until an important looking lady with a man in tow approached us!!! :O :O :O

“You want to give us complimentary massages?”


After our rub down by the tall dark and handsome man dressed all in white, Selby made it clear that payment for a full massage would be seamless, and we just needed to tell her our room number. Well wasn’t that convenient for us!! But of course we had to have a think about it first, so thanked her as she moved on.

A quick and easy bus trip back to our hostel, another brief but oh so entertaining exchange with ‘Nitro’ and we’d had just about too much excitement for one day! Of course Mark managed one more beer upstairs, otherwise that was the end of our brief stay in Bodrum. A short ferry ride to Kos awaited us tomorrow morning!

Here are a few of us walking around Bodrum town. Just for the record!


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