Copan, Honduras

After arriving at the border of Guatemala and Honduras, it became apparent that the hat challenge was nearly over! A photograph was compulsory, and we needed to remove our hats to do so. I managed to be last in line, and i thought i had it in the bag until Joe started using some ridiculous stalling tactics! His fingerprints just wouldn’t scan, and the gap between the two of us narrowed until we were both standing at a counter with our hats still on.

I managed to sneak a photo of the moment he removed his hat, as Joe has been very well know to dispute a defeat – no matter how fair and square it is! This was probably one of my greatest victories over Joe, but thank god that was over! We had been wearing those hats 24/7 for the last four days! … i guess that makes it 24/4 😛

Our first stop in Honduras was at Copan. There isn’t much to see in this small town except the ruins. I felt all ruined out, so decided to have a relaxing day at the bird sanctuary instead! Entry was about $10 USD and I was happy to pay it as most of the people there were volunteers. They only take in injured or neglected birds, which are typically people’s unwanted pets. The enclosures were large and all the birds appeared to be in good health. Newborn birds would be separated and eventually released into the wild once they could fend for themselves.

The highlight was definitely handling the macaws, and seeing the toucans! Here are some pictures that i took. I loved the toucan!

And a curious toucan!

There is more travelling tomorrow until we arrive at Roatan Island!! Bring on the diving and beach time 🙂

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