Dubrovnik, Croatia – a Game of exceptional views, cats and goats!

The trip to Dubrovnik was short enough, as we caught a comfortable bus from Mostar back into Croatia. We got a bit confused as we hit a second border post going back into Bosnia though before finally arriving in Dubrovnik. Somehow Bosnia managed to retain a small stretch of the coastline and essentially separates Dubrovnik from the rest of Croatia, which is why we had to go back briefly.

Dubrovnik is an epic city. It is extremely attractive to walk through, however it is somewhat spoilt by the huge amount of tourists that visit each year. Especially in summer! We got dropped off at the port, where every day a new cruise ship arrives, dropping thousands of tourists off for a day trip. We were soon to realise a trend of things getting quite busy between about 10am to 4pm. As usual we found a nice little self contained apartment just outside of the old town (about 40 min walk) or just a 10 min bus ride away. My original thoughts were that we could easily walk in, but I underestimated just how ridiculously hot it was here! To make things slightly more challenging, our new home was halfway up a giant hill – as you can see in this picture!

The place was really nice, and we were once again living adjacent to the owner’s family. An old man sat on the stoop when we arrived and spoke no English. Luckily there was a young girl – about 8 years old who could speak English very well and helped us settle in. We soon made a furry friend when we left the door open to keep cool. Here’s a pic where we caught one of the little tyke’s red pawed with his head in our yoghurt bucket!

Dubrovnik old town is very impressive – so much so that it was chosen as the location for ‘Kings Landing’ in the popular show Game of Thrones. There were plenty of GoT tours to be done, but we decided to walk around and check things out for ourselves. We had an excellent veggie meal, and another Mexican meal of note. The location of the palace right on the water is quite stunning. There were plenty of nice restaurants and lots of seafood!

We really enjoyed the main beach and had a few swims there during our stay.

On the third day, we took the cable car up the adjacent mountain to get some perspective on the city.

As you can see the views were postcard perfect. Here is Dan presiding over all of her minions below 🙂


We even ran into some goats up there which was very unexpected! 🙂

The only thing that we didn’t get around to doing was a walking tour along the walls of the palace. It was about AUD $50 which was just out of our budget given Dubrovnik was already quite a comparatively expensive place. We had a great time in Dubrovnik, and it is definitely a must see if you ever go to Croatia, though I would have to say the huge number of tourists detracted from the overall experience – much like my time in Rome.

Originally we had planned to fly straight to Greece from here, but the Balkans had taken us by surprise and we decided to change our itinerary and travel from here through Montenegro, Albania and finally arrive in Athens. With a little bit of research, the next most logical destination was Kotor, Montenegro! So we booked our first night of accommodation and headed off!

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