Jajce, Bosnia & Herzegovina

After always planning ahead for at least a couple of weeks, we were leaving Plitvice Lakes without a single day’s accommodation booked in advance. We could go anywhere, and stay there for as long as we liked! It is an exciting situation to be in, and we soon found ourselves on a bus crossing the border into Bosnia. All we knew about Bosnia is that as recent as the mid 90’s it was involved in a huge war defending its Serbian and Croatian borders where there are still undetonated land mines everywhere, the people don’t understand much English, but it is beautiful!

With the aim of eventually reaching Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, we were lucky enough to stop off at a really cool little town called Bihac. We had about four hours between buses, and that allowed us to see the town. We walked along the river and found a really awesome restaurant, which is where we discovered just how cheap things are over here! Two cappuccino’s and two meals ended up costing us the equivalent of $3 AUD each!

We decided to stop for the night at another town called Jajce – still a few hours from Sarajevo. After walking about 15 minutes from the bus station to the city centre, with our backpacks in tow, we found an information kiosk. We were luckily referred to a room offered by two older ladies, in an excellent location! This turned out to be a great tip, as we were welcomed into their home with a tray of traditional bosnian coffee, enjoyed in an awesome little patio area!.

It definitely made me reassess my booking process for Bosnia, as previously I had been using websites like www.booking.com and www.hostelworld.com. There is no way that these two old ladies would manage their accommodation online, and i can assure you that our experience here was far greater than we would have had at any hostel – or hotel for that matter. Here are some of us walking the streets around the old town.

Jajce took us by complete surprise and we quickly fell in love with this medieval town, full of character!  A 100m walk from our room were the catacombs, at the foot of the Jajce fortress! No one could tell us much about this fortress, but it was really, really cool!

Dan and i fooled around and took a few silly pictures.

Dan chopping off my head with a big smile on her face 🙁 Plus me being a sharpshooting archer!



There is an iconic waterfall slap bang in the middle of the city, where we cooled ourselves off in the spray.

By day temperatures got as high as 39 degrees, and we were keen for a swim! We found the local water hole and spent a few hours lazing by the Pliva river. Dan was first to jump in and yelled out that that the water was beautiful and warm. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I dove in – it was freezing!!!! She knew i am a baby when it comes to cold water, though I have no idea how she was able to keep a straight face. Considering it snows here in winter, I imagine the reason for the cold temperature was because it was melted ice at one stage. We were refreshed to say the least, and started an aimless walk toward the highest rated local attraction – the water mills.

I’m not sure what i was expecting after being repeatedly told to visit these water mills, but they were actually really cool. They have been there for over 600 years! You really got a sense of history, especially when you peek inside and see all the used machinery. It would have been a great place for a picnic (we were starving) but we were only 2km away from a restaurant that Dan had found online.


The Konoba Slapovi restaurant was in the most amazing location. There was a waterfall on either side of our table, and we were there just as the sun was setting. The food was great, and I tried some traditional Bosnian sausage, called Cevapi!

We ended up staying two nights in a place that we didn’t know existed the day before! I could have stayed another, but we decided to continue our way to Sarajevo.

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