London, England – Europe here I come!

Over the weeks before 2 July, I said goodbye to some of my favourite humans Beau, Sarah and Dad in Melbourne, my awesome flatties, my lovely work friends, and some of my oldest and bestest friends from the Gold Coast and my dear Mum.

Between sushi dates, Morroccan at Mecca Bah (yes I happily went there twice in three days), sleepovers in Miami with my ladies, and at Jenna’s new pad, a night at the State of Origin, my last Gazi meal for a while, and some last home cooked meals – I had the best few weeks before I left Aus!

My first night I arrived in the UK, Gabby kindly let me sleep at her place, staying up like a trooper to greet me just before midnight! The next day I reunited with my favourite French lady, and former roommate Pascy. We stayed at an Air B n B place in Wandsworth.

Pascaline and I caught up with Ilenia, our Italian friend from exchange, my Aunty and Uncle from Sydney, and Laura, my uni friend from the Gold Coast.

Stay tuned for more, D x

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