Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina – belly floppers beware!

Mostar is the largest city located in the Southern region of Bosnia & Herzegovina – Herzegovina. The city of Mostar centres around the infamous Mostar Bridge (Stari Most). The bridge is approximately 27 metres high and shaped like the top of a church steeple.

Stationed next to the bridge is a Diving Club which houses ‘professional divers’ that intermittently jump off the bridge throughout the day. But not for free! Before they make the perilous dive into the abyss, money is collected from onlooking tourists. We asked the lady guarding entry to the Divers Club (sorry only professional jumpers allowed inside) how much they usually jump for and she said about 25 euros! While not exactly chump change, after seeing them dive, I had to wonder if it was worth doing it time and time again for!

The technique we observed that was most utilised by “the divers” was the arms up, step out, feet-together, pointed toes, pin-drop dive. Below is a video of someone doing ‘the dive’.

We also spotted some tourists practicing right next to this off a smaller bridge about a third of this height. Apparently they have to conquer this over the course of a couple of days before they are unleashed on the bigger bridge. Here is a quick vid Jase took from the bridge showing you how beautiful its surroundings are.

Below are some pictures of us walking around this picturesque little place.

We stayed in a twin room at Hostel Goga for $15AUD a night each. It was clean, nicely fitted out and inexpensive. Overall it was a great backpacker place to stay (found on The hostess gave us a refreshing lemon drink, and a traditional desert called hurmasice on arrival. This is where my love affair for Herzegovina’s deserts started! I am a fan of savoury foods generally, but everyone knows I love honey-rich baklava and apple based deserts, so the tfuhalifa (an apple soaked in honey, stuffed with walnuts, and served with fresh cream) was a winner!

The traditional meals in Herzegovina weren’t as impressive as the Bosnia region for me, but the deserts made up for it! Nonetheless a nice casual atmosphere in all restaurants we went into. The locals seemed to welcome the tourists.


Mostar was a nice little way to end our time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From here we headed back to Croatia one last time as we were not too far from Dubrovnik!

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