Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is massive, i think maybe the 19th largest fresh water lake in the world? Ometepe Island is about a one hour ferry ride from the mainland. It has about 40,000 people living there, and is heavily reliant on the tourism generated by its two massive volcanoes – as well as the associated agriculture due to such fertile soils. There was a bit of a mix up with the ferry ride, but this ended up working in our favour as we were able to watch the amazing sunset. I was quite surprised to see that all along the edge of Lake Nicaragua there were wind turbines?

Our hotel for the night was right on the water’s edge, however it was extremely isolated. We had to eat whatever was served at the hotel’s basic restaurant and there were no transport options besides an extremely unreliable public bus, or a pricey private van. The amount of bugs and insects were almost unbearable and there was plenty of humidity! Don’t get me wrong, i really enjoyed my time here, but there were definitely a few happy faces within the group when we left two days later.

Considering i had already seen and climbed a few volcanoes, i was considering doing something else with my time here. After some research i found out that this one was an eight our hike, with a gradient of 1:1 for about half of the journey! Challenging? Yes, but i didn’t have any hiking boots and was feeling quite dehydrated from travelling in the heat. Here’s a picture that i took.

In the end i decided to do the opposite of a treacherous climb, and joined most of the group at the natural mineral springs. This didn’t turn out quite how i expected as it was literally a man made pool, however the water was supplied by a natural spring. We ended up making our own fun and enjoyed the morning swinging into the water and playing our version of ultimate frisbee. Two people from our group that climbed the volcano early in the morning joined us later on. I felt a bit better about my decision, as apparently there was a significant tremmor the night before and they could only hike to a certain point – about 1,000m up, with 600m to go. Here’s a pretty funny video of Joe and I swinging into the water. It really showcases Joe’s swan-like gracefulness. There is also a girl in the background that was posing for a selfie.. haha!

Swing video at springs – please click!


We realaxed and enjoyed the prime location of our hotel looking over the lake. We played cricket as the sun went down, and watched the local fishermen. Apparently there are bull sharks in the lake, but after a massive cull there hasn’t been a sighting since the 1970’s. You can never be certain though!

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  1. When I was there I hiked the volcano and did the swim afterwards. It was a good hike because the ants were insane – like huge columns of ants everywhere, and also seeing the cloud domes around the volcanos was cool.

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