Paris, France

After a stop over at the Dominican Republic as well as Frankfurt, I arrived at 8:15am exhausted! I have four nights here, and am staying with my cousin Michelle! I can’t even remember the last time that i saw her, and now she is married with a one year old son called Luke!

It is so good to see her and Martin, and Luke is easily the cutest and most well behaved baby i have ever met! We set off straight away into Paris (about a 15 – 20min train ride) to check out the Eiffel Tower. After a beer at a typical French cafe, i was done and in dire need of sleep!

The weather for my whole trip was absolutely amazing, and ranged from about 30 degrees to 40 on my last day! After slapping on some suncream i decided to spend the next day walking around the city, starting with the Arc de Triomphe! I followed the Champs Elysees and checked out a few shops.

I then diverted toward the Seine river, and visited one of the museums along the way. Considering this is my first time in Europe, i was completely blown away by the architecture. The museums and churches are absolutely amazing, and with a sunny blue sky it just showcased what a beautiful city Paris is. Given it was a Sunday, there was plenty of action along the river where part of me just wanted to park off and have a few beers! With such little time, and so many places to see i pushed on toward the musee l’army.

I then made my way to the Louvre, however arriving at lunch time was a really bad idea. Given it was a beautiful sunny day, plus it was on a Sunday, plus it’s in high season, the line looked as though it would have taken me three hours to get in! I scoped out the exterior of the building for now, and headed off toward Notre Dame. There was a similar line there as well, so i decided to leave it for another day. A few beers by the river, and i went back home to spend some time with the cousins!

The next morning was another beauty, and I made the decision to get to the main sites as early as possible. I started with Notre Dame, and only ended up queueing for about 25 minutes. I was completely blown away by this amazing building, and just cannot comprehend how they could have built this such a long time ago. I decided to queue again for the towers, which turned out to be a great idea. The view was awesome, here are some pictures!

The gargoyles were really cool too!

Here is a video i took of the view over Paris and the Seine from Notre Dame Towers.

And here’s the bell 🙂

I had lunch at the beautiful Luxembourg gardens, before arriving at the catacombs only to find out it was closed!

I went back to the Catacombes the next day and queued for about 2.5 hours to get in. Basically there were hundreds of quarries all over Paris where they used to mine for limestone. Limestone was great for building and they would cut the stone into blocks. At some stage during the 1750’s there was a huge issue with disease. As such, they decided to transfer all of the bodies in the main cemetary, Les Halles, underground into this quarry! This eventually caught on, and by the 1850’s almost all of the cemetaries in Paris had been transferred into this catacombe. They estimate about 6 million people were moved, with their bones being stacked along the corridors. It really was a bit eerie, but i found it extremely interesting and worthwhile in the end! Here are some photo’s.


I also made a quick trip to Sacre Coeur, which is a really beautiful town just north of Paris. There is another church here, with views towards Paris. I was able to walk towards the red light district, where you will see dozens of sex shops, shows and finally Moulin Rouge! I didn’t end up going to a show as i was on my own, but perhaps next time!

With just a day left, i finally made it into the Louvre. Obviously you can’t see everything, so like most other tourists i did a bit of reasearch beforehand on the main attractions. As you can imagine it was absolute chaos inside, and by the time i saw the Mona Lisa i took a quick picture and got out of there! I saw some work by Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci which was particularly interesting. The Louvre really is an amazing place, and is filled with priceless objects. Once again, i was amazed by the depth of history which you certainly don’t get in Australia!

After sharing another great meal with Michelle and Martin that evening, my time in Paris had come to an end! I was also lucky enough to watch Luke take his first steps! Here’s a picture of the little tyke! Thanks for having me, i had a great time!! 🙂

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  1. Wow, what fantastic blue skies and wonderful weather. Amazing stories on your sight seeing ? a huge contrast to Central America I’m sure

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