Plitvice Lakes, Grabovac, Croatia

We began the day with the intention of visiting Krka National Park, but after a saga involving a pointless bus trip to Sibinek (a town just outside Krka),  we decided to revisit the idea later and charged on to Grabovac – 10 minutes away from the famous Plitvice Lakes! Long story short, if you intend on visiting Krka, you should do it as a day trip from either Zadar or Split.

Grabovac is a tiny town that, like every other town in the area, thrives on tourism brought in by Plitvice Lakes – currently the #1 attraction on Tripadviser for Croatia. There is not much I can tell you about these lakes other than the fact that they are some of the most beautiful, picturesque scenery I have ever seen. Entry was pricey at the equivalent of about $35 AUD per person, but it was so worth it!

There are a number of trails that you can walk, each ranging in distance, and there is also a ferry that will take you accross the lake (for the lazy people). Considering we had the entire day here, we chose trail K – which was about 18km long! Below is a condensed slideshow of the pictures we took, though none of them show just how beautiful the scenery was.

We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed it on the water’s edge. Our day started at 9am and we finished our trail at about 8pm!

It was the end of a fantastic day, when it suddenly dawned on us that there isn’t a hell of a lot of public transport around to get home, and it was going to be very difficult to find a taxi as well. It was then that the lord almighty proved his existence,  as a random empty bus pulled over and ushered us in. It must have been the end of his shift, as he was heading back to the bus depot. Of course he didn’t speak any English, but understood the word “Grabovac”. With nothing to lose we let him ferry us into our small town and when I asked how much the fare was at the end, he refused to take our money! We couldn’t express how appreciative we were to him, as our alternative was a treacherous 8km walk home along a windy road, on the edge of a cliff, with blind corners everywhere!

This was our last day in Croatia, as we set off to Bosnia tomorrow. What an amazing place that I would return to any day, without question!

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