Roatan Island, Honduras

I had previously heard so much about Roatan, and i have to say it did not disappoint! Its a beautiful island just off the northern mainland of Honduras. The island itself is extremely lush and tropical, with beaches and reefs on the shoreline. We only spent one day here, though i will be back in a few weeks as it is part of my central america tour. Roatan is part of the Caribbean barrier reef – the second largest in the world after the great barrier reef in Australia.

I wanted to experience this and had limited time, so i booked into a snorkeling day-trip on a catamaran. The local guide was great and kept on telling us “welcome to the party boat!” Once we got moving they cranked up the reggae and brought out their famous rum punch. ‘Old mate’ the guide made it his mission to top you up every second and sure enough everyone started to really enjoy themselves. The snorkeling itself was excellent. Perhaps not surprisingly the reef fish were exactly the same as you find in the Australian barrier reef, though i did see a yellowtail damsel fish. I don’t think i’ve ever seen one before – when the sun shines on their blue spots it looks amazing – especially with the black contrast on its body. Here’s a pic i found on the internet of the little guy 🙂Yellowtail damselfish

After an hour of snorkeling it was time to kick back and enjoy the sailing. They put up the spinnaker and we cruised along for a while longer using the natural breeze. Along the shoreline we went past fishing villages, resorts and beaches. Most locals are fisherman and the area is excellent for catching shrimp. Below are pics as we sailed along the shoreline.

Houses on the waterA resortLocal fishing boatTurquoise watersvarious resorts on the beachMore places on the watersunken boatcruising along the shorelineCaribbean Rum!Our Cat

We returned to Mohagany Bay, where our ship was docked, and had one last dip at the beach. I asked about accomodation, and apparently you can book a three bed condo for a month for about $1,000 USD. If you were with friends it would be very reasonable, bare in mind it is absolute paradise!

Mahogany Bay

Mahogany bay with our ship

I can’t wait to come back!

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