Zabljak, Montenegro – gotta love staying at Grandma’s house!

Jase, Megs, Pete, Marto and I stayed 3 nights in the small town of Zabljak in Montenegro. It is four hours north east of Kotor by bus and is a quaint town that is the gateway to the Tara Canyon. We stayed in a cute little wooden house that was owned by the guy’s grandma who let us in. Including the tourist tax of 1 euro we each paid 6 euro a night for this little beauty. Grandma’s house was in the perfect location.

Right next door to Grandma’s house was a shop that sold fake Ray Bans (helping to provide shade to those who had previously broke theirs in the haste to get on the bus that was half way down the street- go team! We made it!). Across the road was a nice restaurant, about 100m down was a helpful Tourist Information centre, a supermarket, a cheap bakery that we ate at for a 1 euro. A little further down the road was the entrance to the Tara Canyon.

Our first day we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the mountains, past some beautiful lakes where we stopped for a picnic lunch, and took some quality ‘band photos’ (props to Megs)!


Afterwards the boys had a swim in the fresh waters while Megs and I relaxed. A shout out to Pete for beautifully complementing our walks with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.


I particularly enjoyed making family meals in Grandma’s kitchen. The first night we made a Mexican feast big enough to feed a small village, and the second night we made spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Marto bantered about Buzz Feedand made killer Milka chocolate and banana pancakes for breakfast both mornings. He claims the pancakes were not his best work, but we think he was being modest.

Megz and I slept one of the nights out in Grandma’s loungeroom, convinced our beds were plagued with bed bugs! Megz had a protective sheet that she kept herself wrapped in, free from any pesky mites! Snug as a bug in a rug!

Our youtubing sessions using thee pre historic internet connection taught me many things including that Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal, what being a basic b**ch entails, and just how stereotypical Australian festival goers can be, especially when they share the same experience of “almost getting caught” on the way into a festival. Sexxi Batman, the DMX Illama, Channing Tatum’s tribute video, and Catherine Tate’s “Translator” got a run.

On our last day in Zabljak we hit up the Tara Canyon, which is 82km long, and 1,300 metres deep – second in depth only to the mother of all canyons, the Grand Canyon in the United States. It was a perfectly sunny day and as you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful spot for rafting.

Unfortunately the conditions were a little too perfect in that the ride down the canyon in the 6 man raft was pretty tame. For this reason I would recommend visiting this site in the months of April or May when the conditions are a little more bumpy/ripe for white water rafting.

We stopped half way through the day to tuck into a pre-packed lunch on a sand bank, and dive off some rocks into the sub-temperature ICE cold water!

Our tour guide did not like being splashed quipping angrily “erryday, erryday I get the splash!” Given he was doing most of the work at the back guiding and paddling us down the river we stopped trying to revenge the splashes from the other boat so he wouldn’t get wet. I would say this was my favourite day in Zabljak and would recommend this experience for those who love to be outdoors like Jase and I do. It is here that we said goodbye to the twins, two absolute champs.

Overall the town of Zabljak has some nice things to offer and is worth a visit when you are in Montenegro. From here, Megs, Jase and I set off by bus for Belgrade on our next adventure!

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